Monday, July 30, 2007

Yemen Chief Rabbi 'believes in Muhammad'

Has the Chief Rabbi of Yemen become a Muslim? The mind boggles at this statement which appeared in the Arabic newspaper Al-Thawra on 27 July.(With thanks: Kyle, and to Iraqijews for summarising it).

The Chief Rabbi of Yemenite Jewry Yahia Ben Yaish Ben Yahia says that he has a 54- part Torah scroll more than 500 years old which he inherited from his father. He claims that the scroll mentions the prophecy of the prophet Muhammad - the same as is written in the Koran. He says that he believes in Muhammad as much as he believes in Moses and in other prophets of God.

Read article in full (Arabic)


Daniel Greenfield said...

it's an article in the arab press, which also routinely claims that presidents and celebrities converted to islam on their deathbeds

Anonymous said...

any person can make such a claim but when your living among hostile followers of another religion and could possibly face death!!!!!!
your going to satisfy the residents.