Thursday, May 10, 2007

Point of no return marks its second anniversary!

Onward and upward ...

It is two years since this blog was set up to raise awareness and document the story of the 870,000 Jewish refugees who fled Arab countries - and the precarious situation of Jews living in Iran and other Muslim states today.

It's been a good year for 'Point of no return'. Hits - 8,800 this time last year - are nudging the 40,000 mark. Point of no return has made Google's first page of listings - just! Over 35 blogs link here and we've posted 660 articles.

Most importantly, the issue of the Jewish refugees is inexorably moving up the agenda. This week, the US Congress held its first hearing on the issue. An international campaign is underway to register Jewish refugee claims and gather testimonies. More and more, the Jewish refugees are entering the discourse on the Middle East.

But more - much more - still needs to be done. The rights of Jewish refugees need to be mentioned every time an article on the Palestinian 'right of return' appears, or the plight of the Palestinian 'refugees' is discussed. And not just mentioned - the proper context of antisemitism and persecution in Arab countries, often predating the creation of Israel, must be given.

I'd like to thank my faithful band of international readers and supporters, from Pakistan and Bahrain as well as Europe and the US, as well as all those of you who've drawn my attention to interesting articles. Most of all, thanks to Joseph Alexander Norland without whom this blog would never have seen the light of day.

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