Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Iranian Jews condemn Israel's actions in Gaza

The Fars News Agency carries a condemnation by the Jewish community's only MP, Morris Motamed, of Israel's actions in Gaza responding to the barrage of Kassam rockets against Sderot. The Jewish community in Iran comes under regular pressure to make such statements at times of heightened tension.

"TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran's Jewish community voiced hatred for the recent measures taken by the Zionist regime of Israel against Palestinians, and called for the immediate intervention of human rights bodies to stop Tel Aviv's brutalities and crimes.

"The stance was announced by the representative of Iranian Jews, Morris Moatamed, at an open session of the Iranian parliament here in Tehran on Monday.

"The Iranian Jews further expressed sympathy for the deprived and oppressed Palestinian nation, and stated their deep hatred for Israel's recent violent measures, including massacre and wounding of tens of Palestinians and demolition of tens of residential units, administrative buildings and facilities."

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