Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tale of young Jew fleeing Egypt for Sudan

In his new book Gabi Tamman, born in Egypt to a Jewish family, tells the story of how he fled to Sudan.

"Talisman," a new book by Gabi Tamman, is a compelling tale of a Jewish boy who flees Egypt for a new life first in Sudan and then in West Africa. Richly atmospheric and thrillingly told, "Talisman" is a story of activism and triumph.

"What does it take to conquer incredible odds? In "Talisman," Gabi Tamman relates the story of a colorful and tumultuous youth. The novel is the story of Gabriel Romano, who grows up as a Jew in Egypt and is forced to flee to Sudan, carrying with him his prized talisman. As the character grows to manhood, he masters the mysteries of both business and women. But he also begins to understand prejudice and joins forces with underground activists dedicated to Israel's nationhood. Again, he must start a new life--but where and how? And will it end in triumph or tragedy?

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