Monday, April 16, 2007

US Holocaust Museum still ignoring pro-Nazi Mufti

On Holocaust Memorial Day, it is shocking that the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC should still studiously ignore the Mufti of Jerusalem's contribution to genocidal antisemitism, David Bedein argues in Israelinsider.

'Boston attorney Charles Morse has made an issue of the fact that The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum ignores any mention of the Arab or Muslim role in the Holocaust and by ignoring the link between Nazism and current Islamic extremism

"While the museum has programs on the role of Christianity in promoting anti-Semitism - yet nothing on Islam.

"There is no mention of the mufti in the museum's permanent exhibit, nor is there any reference to the Mufti in the millions of files of the US Holocaust museum. In contrast, there are 33 large files on the mufti in the Yad VaShem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem.

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Anonymous said...

This is not the only subject that the Holocaust Museum does not cover. There is little if any discussion of US and Western Allied policies during the Holocaust and in its aftermath.

The Allies showed cold and callous indifference towards the victims. They actively sabotaged rescue efforts. And they repeatedly struck deals with war criminals, whom they recruited for various projects and tasks on the West's behalf in return for absolution for their crimes.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if it turns out that Amin El Husseini was recruited by a Western intelligence agency and worked for it after the war.

Avram said...

this is disgraceful - is this another case of PC gone haywire in the US?

With regards to what anonymous is saying - I'm sure this could have something to do with the rather anti-semitic US State Department ...

Anonymous said...

The above remark about Husseini working for western intelligence is mind bogglingly ludicrous. After the war he returned to Egypt to gin up the muslim brotherhood and build an army to attack the Jews in Palestine in the run up to the war of independence. His cohorts, Banna (Egypt), Safavi (Iran), and Qutb Egypt), were the foundation of nearly all Islamic terrorist groups we know of including Al Qaeda. I suppose this is one of those 911 truth conspiracies where ever time we pull back the curtain of the most evil forces of mankind,we find Nixon, Karl Rove or Standard oil pulling the strings. Sheesh!