Sunday, April 01, 2007

The special meaning of the Egyptian Seder

JTA News has this story for Passover:

HAIFA (JTA) — In this mixed Jewish-Arab city, some 50 voices rise up in chorus to sing the familiar Passover chant, "As if we left Egypt."

But for this group of mostly elderly Israelis, the prayer — at an early holiday seder — is sung with grins of unmistakable irony.

"We are the

authentic ones," says professor Ada Aharoni, 73, who was born in Egypt and left for Israel at age 16. "We really got out."

The pre-Passover seder for Israeli Jews from Egypt is an annual tradition here. It's organized by a group of ex-Egyptian Jews called "Goshen," after the Biblical name for the region of ancient Egypt where Jews lived."

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