Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Iran tries to recruit Persian Israelis as spies

Haaretz reports that Shin Bet security forces detained an Israeli citizen of Persian-descent over suspicions he had been recruited by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence agency, it was revealed on Tuesday.

"Over the past two years the Iran's security servicies have made at least ten attempts to recruit Israeli citizens of Persian-descent visiting their relatives in Iran, Shin Bet sources said. By law, Iran is not defined an enemy state and Israeli citizens are permitted travel there.

"According to Shin Bet, Iranian intelligence officers try to recruit Israelis seeking entry permits to Iran at their Istanbul consulate. Permit applicants undergo extensive questioning in which Iranian officials test their political stance and other criteria.

"Israelis deemed suitable for recruitment are then arrested by Iranian police when they arrive in Tehran and held for questioning. In some cases, Iranian authorities hold them for a number of months and threaten to hold them indefinitely unless they cooperate with Iranian intelligence services."

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