Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Six-day War's impact on Jews in Arab countries

Do you remember the Six-day War in June 1967?

Israel’s lightning victory had dramatic repercussions on the few thousand Jews still living in Arab countries. With the exception of Syria and Iraq where the Jews were kept as virtual hostages, the vast majority of the remaining Jews of Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia fled in the aftermath of the war, bringing communities established since Biblical times to the brink of extinction. In almost all Arab countries there were demonstrations and anti-Jewish riots. Some Arab governments actively persecuted their Jews as if they were enemy agents.

In a separate section devoted to Arab countries a new website, www.sixdaywar.co.uk, specially set up to mark the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War, assembles authors' and eyewitness accounts. The site has much interesting material on the background and aftermath of the war, including photos, documents and movie-clips. It is a must for students, teachers and journalists.

How was it for you? Tell us your memories of the time, both good and bad.

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