Friday, March 30, 2007

'Life for Jews in Iran is threatened'

This Canadian Jewish News interview with Menashe Amir of Israel's Farsi radio service shows that Jewish life in Iran is not all it seems (with thanks: Albert):

“Superficially, everything is fine,” Amir said of Iran’s Jewish community. “They have security. They have their businesses. They make a good living. Alcohol is forbidden for Muslim society, but permitted for Jews (for kiddush) and two Jewish schools are left. Every Jew can leave Iran anytime they want.

“But all these are superficial. In fact, the life for Jews in Iran is threatened. There is a great anti-Semitic propaganda, even on Iranian official TV and radio.”

The Jewish schools are run by Muslim principals and most of the teachers are Muslims. Torah studies are conducted in Farsi, not Hebrew, even by Jewish teachers.

His review of school texts suggests their treatment of Judaism “is very superficial. There is data and numbers, but nothing of the essence of Judaism.”

What’s more, “Jewish schools must be open on Shabbat by government order.”

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