Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Iranian Jew triumphs in Beverly Hills

Jimmy Delshad's election as Beverly Hills' new mayor is a triumph for one who was a second-class citizen in his native Iran, the Jerusalem Post reports:

"I feel blessed to have been chosen by the people of Beverly Hills," Delshad told JTA in a phone interview. "As a Jewish youngster in Iran, I was a second-class citizen and kept running into closed doors. Through my example, I hope to open doors in America for other people like me."

"The English-language Tehran Times, published in the Iranian capital, reported the election as a straight news story. Delshad said he had received congratulatory e-mails from some Muslims in Iran, especially from former neighbors in his native city of Shiraz."

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog, very important work you are doing.

Has the Persian Jewish community responded to the movie 300 since Xerxes ala King Achashverosh of the Book of Esther and the Persian Empire is shown to be a "terrorist" evil nation?

And what are your thoughts on this?


bataween said...

Thanks for visiting, Anon.
Don't hold your breath waiting for a reaction from the Persian Jewish community - it was a miracle they condemned Ahmadinejad for Holocaust denial!
I understand the film 300 has only just been released in Europe.If what you say is true about the Persian Empire being cast in a negative light you can expect it to be banned over in Iran...

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Dr Delshad! All Iranian in the world can be proud of him, no matter their religion! I am myself a Shiah Muslim, but we are first human beings!

Shiah, Sunni, Jewish, Christian, Bahai, Zoroastrian or other, all Iranian are the heirs of our 2500 years history, including ancient Persia and modern Iran, the good and the bad sides, together we'll make Iran change!