Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Israelis warned not to visit Iraq

The National Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Division has issued a travel advisory calling on Israelis not to visit Iraq, Lilach Shoval of Ynet News writes:

The division recently noticed a growing trend of Israelis originally from Iraq and Kurdistan returning to visit their birthplaces.

According to the Counter-Terrorism Division, the threat level in Iraq was concrete and very high.The division noted that there was a daily death toll in Iraq of dozens of civilians, locals and foreigners alike. Brigadier General (Res.) Elkana Har-Nof of the Counter-Terrorism Division said many Israelis were not concerned by the warnings, and the number of Israeli visitors to Iraq has risen significantly in recent months.

Aside from Israelis of Iraqi origin, many Israeli businessmen travel illegally to the war-torn country to invest in the Iraqi stock market.

“Israeli businessmen are an attractive target for terror organizations,” Har-Nof explained. “Traveling to Iraq is a very high an immediate risk. We are responsible for all Israeli citizens, and we hope that boosting the warning will discourage Israelis from going to Iraq.

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