Sunday, January 21, 2007

Moroccan film provokes anger

The new Moroccan film Marock, which tells of the love story between a Muslim girl and a Jewish boy, has provoked anger in the Moroccan establishment. (With thanks: Albert)

Acclaimed Moroccan director Mohamed Asli said "Marock" did not deserve inclusion in the festivals because it was "not a real Moroccan film," although he subsequently told a magazine that he welcomed the public release because it would open debate. Some critics claimed to detect sinister Zionist propaganda in the depicted Jewish-Muslim romance.

The Justice and Development Party, Morocco's increasingly popular Islamist political party, has led the charge against "Marock," claiming that it breaks a Moroccan law forbidding offense to Islam. The party plans to press the government on whether it has fully upheld the law.

"It's a mockery of Moroccan spiritual life," said Abdelkader Amara, a member of the PJD's general secretariat. "It presents Moroccans as if they don't adhere to their religion. But that's not true."

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