Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lisa Srour, the last Jewess in Lebanon

Rare interview with Lisa Srour, who claims to be the last Jewess in Lebanon. Nobody can tell if she is correct, as the few Jews still living in that country are too fearful to stand up and be counted. With thanks to Iraqijews for summarising an article published on 6 September 2006 in Ana-News.

Abu Jamil Valley in Beirut was once called Jew Valley: 6000 Jews lived there. They belonged to high-class society and owned most of the wealth of the country.

They say that when the late president Rafik Al-Hariri wanted to renovate a synagogue there, the Jewish Community Association refused because of fear that it might be blown up.

Today, although there still is a Jewish community in Lebanon, nobody talks about it and almost
no one knows of its existence. There are no Jewish marriages since there is no younger generation.

Lisa, in her 50's, lives in Abu Jamil Valley, on the fourth flour of a building almost in ruins. She lives on eggs which she shares with her cats. She said that she was once the most beautiful girl in the valley.

She is very poor but does not complain. Lisa is afraid to say that she's Jewish.

In the past her family owned a luxurious house and a big store. Her brothers left for France during the (civil) war, her parents died, her uncles emigrated to Brazil. During the war, armed people came and abducted her father and forced him to sign a paper giving up their house and
their store.

She is hoping that maybe she'll get some compensation like others have done (from the construction company that is renovating and rebuilding the whole area).

See Lisa's photo and read article (in Arabic)


howie said...

She will get compensation when cows fly.

Anonymous said...

dont worry...she is getting them

bataween said...

How do you know?

Anonymous said...

why did she stay when everybody has left, even her brothers and also one third of the Lebanese of all religions ?? she is not a Hero but a masochist !!!!

bataween said...

Lisa Srour is not the only one to behave in irrational ways. How about the last Jew of Afghanistan? He has a family in Israel, yet chooses to stay in that hell hole.