Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Israeli liberals prevent teaching of Mizrahi history

Yaniv Halili, from a family of forced converts in Mashad, wonders in Y-net news why the Israeli education system neglects to teach the history and culture of Jews from Muslim countries (with thanks: Albert):

"The Israeli education system emphasized that immigrants of the Fourth Aliyah tended their gardens in Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood and introduced me to the sages of Lublin. But no mention was made about Iranian Jewry, considered to be the most ancient Jewish community in the world.

"Providentially, over the years, I’ve managed to fill in the gaps in my knowledge on my own. Nevertheless, it still rankles that Mizrachi culture and history are considerably marginalized in Israel. Except for two or three token poems by Ibn Gabirol, no works by Mizrachi writers are included in the school literature curriculum. Four years ago, then Education Ministry General-Manager Ronit Tirosh suggested that a third of the curriculum be comprised of Mizrachi works. She was promptly and loudly slammed for being a populist.

"Yet, the most convincing argument was offered by several bleeding hearts, who decreed that the curriculum should be determined by quality and not quantity. The fact that one can easily identify numerous quality Mizrachi literary works did not concern these pundits.

"Even more surprising was the fervor with which these same compassionate liberals strove to add poems by Palestinian writers, such as Mahmoud Darwish, to the curriculum. As always, the leftist Ashkenazim prostrate themselves before the Palestinians, while recoiling in horror from Mizrachi culture, which may – Heaven forbid! – linger on their clothes like the scent of some exotic Mizrachi spice.

"My detractors will dismiss all this as mere nonsensical paranoia. They’ll note that these days, “everyone” listens to Sarit Hadad on the radio and eats hummus in restaurants."

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Anonymous said...

Unlike what this blog claims, Mizrahi (Sephardi) were mainly brought to Israel to do the dirty work for their Ashkenazi masters who founded the state. The biggest Mizrahi community in Israel is Moroccan (close to 1 million) yet you will find very few who would tell you that they were chased out of their homes as this blog claims. In fact, for decades the Ashkenazi run WZO has had a hard time convincing Sephardi to come forward and claim their so-called lost properties back in their original home countries. The main reason is that most of Sephardi, with few exceptions in Egypt (both sides to blame, read about Lavon's affair) and others, left to Israel by free will out of "religious duty", zionist brainwash, and in many cases economical reasons. Notice how many Jews moved to France less than 15 years after it was run by a French Nazi government (Vichy) that deported its own Jews to death camps. If it was not for economical reasons well what was it for? an admiration for France's fresh Nazi history?.

Ashkenazi racism and exploitation of Sephardi was rampant in Israel until the late 80s (riots by the Moroccan community). In 1949, Ashkenazi journalist Aryeh Gelblum wrote the following about the arriving Mizrahi immigrants:

"This is the immigration of a race we have not yet known in the country. We are dealing with people whose primitivism is at a peak, whose level of knowledge is one of virtually absolute ignorance and, worse, who have little talent for understanding anything intellectual. Generally, they are only slightly better than the general level of the Arabs, Negroes, and Berbers in the same regions. In any case, they are at an even lower level than what we know with regard to the former Arabs of Israel. These Jews also lack roots in Judaism, as they are totally subordinated to savage and primitive instincts. As with Africans you will find among them gambling, drunkenness, and prostitution ... chronic laziness and hatred for work; there is nothing safe about this asocial element. [Even] the kibbutzim will not hear of their absorption."

On a more personal level, Israeli (Moroccan) Professor Henriette Dahan-Kalev (who says she is no longer a Zionist) tells it in detail in her paper "You're So Pretty--You Don't Look Moroccan"


David Benchetrit (another Israeli-Moroccan who renounced Zionism) a well know film maker summarized the suffering of Sephardi in Israel in his powerful documentary "Kadim Wind".

Now do you know why Mizrahi history is not taught in Israel much?

Mizrahi are all being forced to let go their languages that they spoke for thousands of years, their music, their traditions, for the new generic "Jewish identity" (it comes with a language too) that the Askhenazi designed for them.

I hope more Mizrahi realize sooner what Zionism has done from them: it uprooted them from their heritage and history which has been demonized and marginalized in the last 50 years.

bataween said...

This blog does not claim that the Moroccan Jews were expelled, but the fact that only 3,000 are left out of 300,000 speaks volumes for their treatment. The Moroccans didn't need to expel their Jews - they just made them feel insecure, unwelcome and with no real future.
There was discrimination and still is, as this article shows - but you will not find much Yiddish taught in Israel either. Discrimination is rampant in all western societies. In truth the Mizrahim have made huge strides in just two generations - Israel has a Moroccan defence minister, an Iranian president and an Iranian/Iraqi chief-of-staff. Intermarriage between Ashkenazim and Mirahim is so common that the ethnic divide will no longer exist in another generation or two.

You can produce all sorts of quotes out of context but you can't rewrite history. The Moroccan Jews you quote are not representative.

Anonymous said...

Few American-Jews leave America to live in the occupied territories, which is as we know not a safe place.

Why would any reasonable person try to raise their children in a de-facto war-zone not to mention on stolen lands? It has to do with Zionist indoctrination and religious beliefs (Next year in Jerusalem). It is unfortunate that the Jewish community does nothing to stop these people from exposing their families to great risk, not to mention being part of an illegal occupation. But I guess you couldn't tell someone not to go to their God promised land.

Half of Israeli-Jews are Sephardi. Who cares about the Israeli president, he is not the head of state in Israel. How many defense ministers have there been in Israel and how many of them were Sephardi?

Can you post any polls or studies that show the Sephardi are satisfied with their situation in Israel? Few years ago, it was revealed that all donated Ethiopian blood was dumped in secret by state hospitals.

Yes discrimination exists in all societies but Zionists often encourage Jews in the diaspora to leave their homes because of it (the real goal is to populate Israel). It is just dishonest.

On mixed marriages, please provide sources.

I read this on dating, it doesn't seem the way you described:


Why don't post the "representative Moroccans"? let's see them.

bataween said...

Well actually, the president of Israel IS the head of state.

Sephardi defence ministers:
Amir Peretz
Shaul Mofaz
Benjamin Ben-Eliezer
Sephardi Foreign ministers:
Silvan Shalom
Shlomo Ben-Ami
David Levy

If Sephardim left out of religious duty or Zionist branwash how come 300,000 ended up in Europe, N. and S America, etc?

Abu Sa'ar said...

Maghrebi, you remind me of the clownish Moroccan Jewish "Black Panthers".

Some people are just insane, invent weird conspiracy theories and like to victimize themselves. Why bother?

Every single wave of immigration into Israel was discriminated against. That's the way of hunams - discriminate against the other. Guess what - a generation later, these people and their children are discriminating against the new wave of olim. There is a famous Gashash Khiver skit about it, in fact. It is the pathetic chronic whiners and professional victims who keep making an issue of it - "oh, look at us, we're poor victims, there's a conspiracy against us! We're so fucking special, we hate everyone, give us stuff!"

And more or less all my friends are Sepharadi/Ashkenazi mix. Hell, most of the Ashkenazim ARE the descendants of Jewish refugees from Spain (aka Sepharadim).

The only Israeli I met who was racist against other Israelis was... guess what... of Yemenite descent. This particular moron blamed his spectacular failings and criminality on The Eeeeeevil White Man, and did his best to harm all Jews he deemed too white.

Ah, bugger it, I have a feeling that this is a waste of words.

May you be drenched in ransid Raccoonish urine.

Bataween - keep up the good work, sis :)