Sunday, January 28, 2007

BBC names Yemeni Islamist death threats group

The BBC has caught up with the story of the 45 Yemenite Jews forced out of their homes by Islamist death threats, and names the group responsible for their flight: the Youthful Believers.

The message was clear - the Jews must leave the country or lose their lives.

Dawoud Yousef Mousa and his neighbours fled to Saada City, the provincial capital. Since then, the group has been living in the Paris Tower hotel at the expense of a local tribal sheikh, despite the authorities' promise to guarantee their safe return home. Saada's governor claimed the threats against the Jews came from Zaydi Shia rebels, who have fought a decade-long insurgency in northern Yemen.

The extremists are said to belong to a banned organisation known as the Youthful Believers, who want to replace Yemen's democratic government with an Islamic theocracy.

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