Sunday, December 10, 2006

Muslim makes documentary on Jews in Iran

Ramin Farahani, a young Iranian filmmaker, has made a documentary that examines aspects of the persecuted Jews of Iran. This documentary, which aired on Dutch National Television in 2005, is impressive in its depiction of the official discrimination against the Jews, who were not always willing participants. Gozaar, a journal on democracy and human rights in Iran, reports (with thanks: Albert):

The film’s story begins in Tehran, where a young Iranian Jewish girl talks about her difficult decision to leave Iran. After the camera follows her to a girls' school in Tehran, a typical story of Iranian religious minorities unfolds. The film focuses on the status of this young Jewish girl who is viewed by others as najes or religiously unclean. The film examines the bitter-sweet relationships this girl has with her classmates and teachers and the deep roots that the girl has in the land of her forefathers. She also speaks about the tremendous sense of loss and grief she will feel after leaving Tehran: “I’ll miss everything, even the bumps and holes on the streets.”

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Interview with Ramin Farahani here

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