Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gooood morning Iran! This is Jerusalem

DNA World of India reports on Israel Radio's Farsi service: (with thanks: Albert)

JERUSALEM: While arch-foes Israel and Iran step up the tough political rhetoric against one another, short-waves and a wood-panelled radio studio in Jerusalem offer the people of the two countries a rare communication bridge.

Seated behind a microphone in Studio 4 of the Israel Broadcast Association compound near Jerusalem's Zion Square, Menashe Amir, an expert on Iranian affairs, reads today's news bulletin in Farsi.

Amir, 66, left his home town of Tehran 47 years ago to come to Israel and has since worked as a broadcaster at the Voice of Israel service in Farsi, which is beamed via short-wave into Iran.

"In 40 minutes we cover news from the world, the Middle East and the Israeli-Arab peace process but also news inside Iran," he says.

Amir vehemently rejects any suggestions he and his colleagues are involved in state propaganda against Iran, where the Jewish minority population has fallen since Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979 but still numbers some 25,000.

"We expose Iranian citizens to things the regime tries to hide," says Amir.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't help you access that article on the Iranian Jews supposedly heading Israeli foreign policy. I couldn't get access to it myself.

I do, however, have an article that you might find interesting. It deals with an American Jewish photographer's interaction with the Californian Iranian Jewish community:

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of some articles that have written by Karmel Melamed in the past couple of years on the Iranian Jews. You might be interested in them:

bataween said...

Thanks Albert for all this

Anonymous said...

It's no problem! I'm glad to help out your website whenever I can.