Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Coverage of Jewish refugees meeting in Jerusalem

As the selection of articles below shows, the Jerusalem meeting launching the campaign for rights and redress of Jewish refugees attracted much interest in the mainstream Israeli press, TV and radio. Also covering the story were Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Presse, Russian National TV, Norwegian Dag Tid, Guysen News, the (New York) Jewish Week and the (London) Jewish Chronicle, Israel News Agency, All Headline News, Israel Hasbara Committee,

Here's a TV clip from Reuters.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is that the London-based Arabic language Asharq-al Awsat picked up the issue and al-Arabiya reprinted the Reuters piece. Radio Free Iraq broadcast this.

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Crif report (French)


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Bataween, please look at my comments ffom earlier today, on the Rejwan thread. Toda!

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Nice pics and article of the Iranian Jewish community in the U.S.:

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Two crises sparked Jewish exoduses in 1956-1957. One in Hungary, the other in Egypt:

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Nice lady tries to help disadvantaged Mizrahi Jews in Israel:

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Sephardi-Persian cultural event promotes unity:

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The history of Uzbek Jews are chronicled: