Friday, September 15, 2006

NYT columnist downplays antisemitism

Nicholas Kristof, who writes for the New York Times, has come in for a battering from Ed Lasky, editor of the American Thinker. (With thanks: Albert)

(In a column on 12 September called 'Starting a war' ) "he again shows his lack of concern for Jews who face the prospect of a nuclear armed-Iran run by a leadership that simultaneously denies the reality of the Holocaust and promises and boasts that they will bring about a new one as Israel is “wiped off the map”, Lasky writes." Dov Zakheim, who was under secretary of defense in Mr. Bush’s first term, recalls that fears of Pakistan’s “Islamic bomb” proved exaggerated and notes that Iran doesn’t treat its 20,000 Jews as wretchedly as its rhetoric would suggest (Iran continues to be home to more Jews than any Middle Eastern country save Israel).

"It is entirely unclear if the parenthetical comments are those of Zakheim or Kristof. This is the same regime that had an art show of cartoons celebrating or mocking the Holocaust and that spreads and promotes anti-Semitism around the world-all of which he conveniently neglects to mention. The Jews of Iran are a beleaguered minority-many have faced murder, imprisonment, blackmail, and intimidation. Many have escaped but up to 20,000 remain under dire threat. Does he care? No."

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