Thursday, September 21, 2006

Israel 'caught training Iraqi Kurds'

This article from the BBC website reports 'Arab and Muslim outrage' that the Israelis could be giving military training to Iraqi Kurds. In fact cooperation between Israel and the Kurds goes back to the 1960s, and the Kurds helped smuggle out thousands of persecuted Iraqi Jews.

"The BBC has obtained evidence that Israelis have been giving military training to Kurds in northern Iraq.A report on the BBC TV programme Newsnight showed Israeli experts in Kurdish areas of north Iraq, drilling soldiers in shooting techniques. Kurdish officials have refused to comment on the report and Israel has denied it knows of any involvement. The revelation is set to cause enormous problems for the Kurds, not only in Iraq but also in the wider region. Inside Iraq as well as in the wider region Israel is seen as an enemy of Arabs and Muslims.

Kurdish politicians will most likely come under pressure to explain what their semi-autonomous government has been up too. Israeli security experts who spoke to the BBC said they could not have worked inside Kurdistan without the knowledge of the Kurdish authorities. "

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