Thursday, July 20, 2006

Iranians revise Judaism to condemn Israel

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Jewish Community condemned the recent statement of the Israeli rabbis here on Wednesday, stressing that the religious teachings of Judaism never allow for the killing of civilians (With thanks: Albert).

Speaking to FNA's political desk, Religious Expert of the Iranian Jewish Community Yunes Hammami Lalehzar (who is likely not a Jew - Ed) rejected the allegations of the Israeli rabbis who had claimed that "the Torah allows for the murder of women and children at the time of war."

"The phrase is not a Torah verse, rather it pertains to just the very exceptional case of seven Ummahs (nations) who lived on the Promised Land around 3500 years ago," he stressed.

He said the seven Ummahs practiced idolatry and did not embrace monotheism, adding that when Prophet Moses (PBUH) moved into the Promised Land, he warned the said nations to embrace monotheism or desert that land.

"Only those of the seven Ummahs were killed that not only didn't accept either of the said two choices, but also started a fight against Prophet Moses and his followers," the expert reminded.

Meantime, the Iranian Jewish Community strongly rejected the allegations of the Israeli rabbis, stressing that no part of the Torah mentioned such claims.

The Jewish Community underlined that the killing of innocent women and children at the time of war is a blatant violation of the religious teachings of the Torah.

Chairman of the Iranian Jewish Community Haroun Yashayati and representative of the Jewish Community at the Iranian Parliament, Morris Mo'tamed stressed in their joint statement that one of the first commandments and principles of Judaism frequently stressed by Prophet Moses (PBUH) is 'Like your neighbor as yourself'.

"Murdering women and children has never been mentioned in the Torah and the strong protest by the different Jewish communities and the true followers of Prophet Moses (PBUH) worldwide against the violent measures of the Zionist soldiers substantiates the very same fact," the two officials have underscored in their statement.

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