Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iranian Jews condemn Israel 'atrocities'

Another statement issued by the Jewish community in Iran condemning Israeli 'atrocities' in Gaza. The Tehran Times reports:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency) -- Iranian Jewish Community in a statement released here on Monday condemned Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. In their statement, Iranian Jews have expressed their sympathy with the oppressed Palestinian people and stated their profound concern over the increasingly intensifying violence by the Zionist Regime, which has so far claimed the lives of many innocent human beings and resulted into growing usurpation of the Palestinian nation's rights.

The statement further calls on the international circles and bodies as well as human rights organizations to take immediate action to play a mediatory role to stop any further intensification of the ongoing unjust war which has and will yield no fruits but increasing cultural, economic, heath and hygiene weakening and poverty in the region and massacre of more and more Palestinian children, women and old persons.

The Iranian Jewish Community has also stressed, "The Zionist Regime's violence and genocide of the Palestinians do not at all comply with the religious fiats and decrees presented by Prophet Muses (sic) and all the God-fearing Jews and followers of Prophet Muses, thus, express their profound hatred for such movements and measures."


aparatchik said...

"followers of Prophet Muses" being of course muslims

Yoram said...

"Prophet Muses" = The proof of a Lie.