Sunday, May 14, 2006

Egyptian Jews entitled to sue Coca Cola

JTA News reports: A US appeals court upheld the right of an Egyptian Jewish family to sue Coca Cola for use of the family’s former property in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities confiscated properties belonging to the Bigio family in the early 1960s because the family was Jewish. The Egyptian government later ordered the property returned, but the state-owned company that controlled the property refused and transferred it instead to a company held in part by Coca Cola. A district court in New York dismissed a lawsuit against Coca Cola, saying the case was properly Egypt’s jurisdiction.

The Bigios appealed and the Second Circuit federal appeals court ruled in their favor Tuesday, returning the case to the district court. In an amicus brief to the appeals court, the Zionist Organization of America argued that anti-Semitism was so deeply embedded in the Egyptian system that the Bigios could not get a fair hearing there.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if the palestinian families who owned Beautiful Orange and lemon orchards in Haifa , Lidd , and other towns will be compensated too. the House of Golda Meir belonged to a Palestinian christian family whose children now live in France .

bataween said...

Yes, the Palestinians who lost property are entitled to compensation too.

Anonymous said...

And yet leyla you don't wonder for a second if all the jews in arab countries deserve their property back, which is probably an order of magnitude more than palestinian property.