Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We cannot tolerate the intolerant

As a Jew once married to an Afghan Muslim, the American feminist Phyllis Chesler experienced at first-hand Islam's intolerance of other religions and of assertive women. A fascinating interview with her in Front Page magazine.

..."Every day I lived in Kabul my mother-in-law tried to convert me to Islam. She eventually scorned me as the Yahud (the "Jew"). Thus, I became finely attuned to religious apartheid as well. I understood that, with some exceptions, Muslims do not have a history or a psychology of tolerating other religions very well; on the contrary. Islamic history is one in which Muslims have taxed, impoverished, jailed, murdered, or exiled all those who do not convert to Islam.

Today, the level of anti-American and anti-Jewish propaganda in the Islamic world is lethal, toxic, and has unleashed a global jihad against both Israel and the West. We cannot afford to tolerate the intolerant nor can we afford to minimize the dangers to our civilization posed by Islamist fanatics who have successfully hijacked their religion and peoples. There were also "good" and moderate Germans during Hitler's reign. What matters is that they did not stand up to Hitler. What matters is that otherwise "good" people appeased him as well...."

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