Thursday, February 23, 2006

'My father would have been proud '- Amir Peretz

Guysen News has more detail on Israeli Labour Party leader Amir Peretz's lightning visit to Morocco:

"When I shook the King of Morocco's hand I thought of my father, David Peretz, of blessed memory. He was a community leader in Morocco. How he would have been proud of me at that moment, he who dreamt of it all his life without ever experiencing it." Peretz had gone back to Morocco with his father 12 years ago.

Four years after his father's death, Peretz could not hide his feelings when he entered Casablanca's synagogue. Meeting two of his cousins, he attended a Barmitzvah ceremony and was called up to the Law.

For the King Peretz had brought with him an ancient Koran, the gift of the Israel Museum. "I told him the Koran had more verses about peace than violence," Peretz reported. Received with honour Peretz lunched at the royal table where typical Moroccan but kosher dishes had been prepared.

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Update: Interview with Peretz in Arabic newspaper

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