Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Most Israeli-Arabs support return of '48 Arabs

Last weekend a conference entitled "The Right of Return and a Just Peace" took place in the Arab city of Nazareth in the Galilee. Dr Ilan Pappe and other loony-lefty Israeli Jews were present, supporting Arab demands.

"The main aim of the conference was to induce Arab parties to introduce the concept of the Right of Return into their platforms. According to a conference statement, "The 'Right of Return' must be incorporated into their political agenda, so that Israel is not able to extort recognition as a Jewish state from the Palestinian Authority and Arab countries."

"In an opinion poll, nearly all the Arab respondents, 93%, say that Israel bears the brunt of the responsibility for finding solutions for the refugee issue. Eighty-six percent said that Israel has the sole responsibility for providing compensation for Arabs who fled during the 1948 war.

"Two-thirds of the Arabs polled also said they would be willing to provide economic and moral support to Arabs returning to live in Israel. Sixty-eight percent said they were willing to absorb the Arabs into their towns and villages. Only 18% said they would be willing to help a limited number of refugees, and 14% said they were opposed to absorbing any at all. "

Not a minute too soon to introduce the neglected rights of the Jewish refugees into the Israeli parties' electoral manifestos.

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