Sunday, November 06, 2005

Much traffic between Iran and Israel

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Orly Halpern spotlights the disillusion amongst some Iranian Jews who have moved to Israel. It is hardly surprising that a few should want to pack up and leave after struggling to make a living in the depressed and blighted Jaffa Road in Jerusalem, which suffered grievously from terror attacks during the intifada. In Iran, Jews 'live well'.

"...While most outsiders might believe that routine contact between the citizens of the two sworn enemies is impossible, in fact, not only are the phone lines between Teheran and Tel Aviv used actively, but so also are flight routes via Istanbul".

"Jewish Iranians travel frequently to Israel. To avoid getting the Iranians in trouble back in their home country, Israeli border authorities do not stamp entry visas into their passports. As with journalists, the entry visa is stamped on a separate slip of paper, which is later thrown away upon exit from the Zionist state."

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