Friday, September 02, 2005

A Jew expelled twice over

Israeli farmer Yechiel Bashari is driving a truck southbound, transporting the remains of his now-dismantled hothouses in Gaza, reports Loolwa Khazzoom for the BBC.

A father of six, Mr Bashari has lost $12m worth of assets as a result of Israel's disengagement.

"We are totally traumatized, economically and emotionally," Bashari says of his family's loss.
"I can't believe [Israel] destroyed our home, our dreams, everything we developed over the past 30 years."

Mr Bashari, whose parents were Middle Eastern Jewish refugees to Israel, has a feeling of deja vu about the evacuation.

"It's happened to us twice," he says. "First we were kicked out of Yemen, and now here. But it feels even worse here, because this is the Jewish homeland."

Sounds familiar ? See Libyan-born Gaza settler Avi Farhan's story.

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