Monday, July 18, 2005

Feedback about Jews of Egypt coverage

The July 2005 issue of Egypt today printed three letters, all from Arab readers, praising Azza Khattab's articles in the May issue about the Jewish community. (You can read them here, here and here).

Fathy Abdel-Sattar of Switzerland writes: "It has been, and still is, my interest to read about our Jewish history for a host of reasons, but mainly to better understand the problem."

Sherif Agglan comments: You brought their hardships to light and the idea that we must preserve their heritage as part of our collective heritage was exactly “on the money.”

But Amira el-Ibiary feels that the magazine should have done more to highlight the community's hardships: "Egypt Today chose to write about a people that are often neglected and if not forgotten about. I have a question: Why didn’t you include more of the hardships that the community has faced?"

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