Friday, June 03, 2005

Iraqi property claims must be filed by end June

The Iraqi goverment is willing to compensate those who lost property, but only since 1968 under the Ba'ath regime.(This would exclude all except about 5,000 Jews). The catch is that the claims must be filed in Iraq and before 30 June 2005. Here is the official document:

In the Name of God
The Republic of Iraq Ministerial Council

Dear Sister/Brother, Fellow Citizens,

Following the promulgation of the IPCC law, which governs the consideration and resolution of real property claims, the IPCC shall receive such claims in accordance to the legal provisions published in the Iraqi Official Gazette no. (39850) of July 2004.

Dear Sister/Brother, Fellow Citizens,

The IPCC process is open to all persons, or their heirs, who have been wrongfully deprived of real property (for example, land, house or an orchard) or an interest in real property (for example, the right to farm the land) because of actions taken by the former governments from July 17, 1968 to April 9, 2003. This process also covers many actions carried out by some officials of the previous governments. -

Claims may also be made by people who lost or will lose real property or an interest in real property between March 18, 2003 and June 30, 2005 as a result of their ethnicity, religion, or sect; or for purposes of ethnic cleansing, or due to the return of individuals who had been previously dispossessed of their property as a result of the former government?s policy of property confiscation. - If you think that you have a claim under the circumstances described above, contact or visit the IPCC Bureau in the Governorate where you live for further information or to file a claim.

Justice is the Essence of Rule of Law Dear Sister/Brother, Fellow Citizens, - The Iraqi Property Claims Commission (IPCC) has fixed June 30, 2005 as the deadline for claims to be filed. Please contact your local IPCC office or the IPCC Headquarters in Baghdad to learn whether the deadline has been extended. - The recourse to the IPCC for filing a claim and its resolution does not require any payment from you. This service is given free of charge by the Iraqi Government under the motto: 'Justice is the essence of rule of law'. - If the property you are currently living in is being claimed by someone
else, the IPCC law clarifies your rights and requires you to file a response to the claim in order to protect those rights. If possible, the IPCC will contact persons who may have an interest in a real property that is the subject of a claim and give them assistance in responding to the claim. - The IPCC will resolve all claims fairly, taking into account the IPCC Law and all parties? arguments and evidence.
For further information, please contact IPPC Media Head Office:
Mohammed Jamil Abid,
Information Department Manager
Iraq Property Claims Commission.
0096418161139 1
The IPCC announces the reception of claims in accordance to the provisions of the law published in the Iraqi Official Gazette in July 2004 through its following bureaus in Iraq. You may also receive further information, assistance in filing a claim or a response at the IPCC bureaus. 1 Baghdad Governorate:
a. IPPC Headquarters: Baghdad-Al Rusafa- Area No. (109), Building No. (58), Al Jumhoriya Str. Al Khulani Circle (Office of Real Property Registration)

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