Friday, June 10, 2005

68,000 Iraqi property claims already received

The Iraqi Property Claims Commission announced at a press conference on Thursday 9 June that 68,000 claims had already been received; 5,422 claims have already been dealt with.

For text of document see article posted below.

Many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis may file a claim if their property was confiscated (MUSADARA), controlled (HAJZ), seized (ISTIYLA'A) or appropriated (ISTIMLAK). The compensation offer concerns about 5,000 Jews who were still living in Iraq after the Ba'ath regime took power in 1968. Please note that the vast majority of Iraqi Jews, who left the country between 1950 - 51, are not eligible to claim under this scheme.

There is not much time left, as claims must be received by 30th June 2005. You will need to send your claim in by post to Iraq.

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