Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Yemeni Jew detained for hours at JFK airport

 Manny Dahari was born in Yemen and was travelling back to the US - where he is a student - from a family visit in Israel when he was affected by President Trump's travel ban. This article in the Forward explains what happened next, and also gives the background to Manny's prolonged efforts to get the rest of his family out of Yemen - a story which will be familiar to readers of Point of No Return.

Hundreds of refugees, immigrants and even legal U.S. residents were detained this past weekend following President Trump’s controversial travel ban. Most of the people affected were Muslims, but the ban hit Jews, too.

One of them was Manny Dahari, a Yemeni Jew who saved his whole family from their native land. He has a green card and has lived in the United States for almost 11 years; the 23-year-old student is supposed to receive his American citizenship in a couple of months.

Dahari was on a family visit to Israel when Trump signed the order that included a 90-day ban on entry to all citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Yemen.
In a widely circulated Facebook post Dahari wrote before his departure for the States, he acknowledged that “there is a possibility I won’t be able to get on that plane back home. This is truly a nightmare. I never thought Mr. Trump’s decisions would affect me in any way.”

Dahari ended his post saying: “For my friends who have been celebrating Mr. Trump’s decision, you should know this does not only affect Muslims, but it also affects thousands of Jews and Christians escaping war and religious persecutions. I hope you take a moment to think about it.”

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Dohari's lack of remorse for adding to the confusion by deliberately boarding a flight despite his knowledge of the travel ban calls into question his commitment to his adoptef country. Who advised him to engage in civil disobedience, perhaps jeoparding his petition for naturalization? Is HIAS (which dropped the Hebrew from its moniker) an impartial arbiter?

Heather said...

So it's not really a "Muslim ban" then?

Was he travelling on a Yemeni passport, or an Israeli passport? It has been noted that Israelis needing a visa to enter the US during the Obama administration have had more than expected difficulties in getting them....

Anonymous said...

You can try looking up what the state dept was saying last week. Here's current.
has a green card
FEBRUARY 3, 2017
I'm a green card holder . Can I still enter the United States?
The Executive Order does not apply to the entry of Lawful Permanent Residents to the United States.