Friday, April 01, 2016

Roseanne blasts hypocrisy of 'fake' Left

The scales fell from the eyes of comic Roseanne Barr in 2011, when she realised that the Left ignored both the 'ethnic cleansing' of Jews from the Arab world and sanctioned a double standard when it came to Israel. Read her blog in the Times of Israel.

 Roseanne Barr

But, by G-d, we lack the SUPREME GALL and insensitivity of a typical left-wing ‘peace activist’ trust-funder living in Chicago to suggest that one third of the world’s surviving Jews should not be allowed to buy or own or live on land inside any Arab State, after centuries of citizenship there, nor to be allowed to live in only ONE tiny place behind green lines in our own homeland, where we are called ‘settlers’ and ‘occupiers’– AFTER Warsaw! In fact, the Arab Nakba of nearly 1 Million Arabic Jews and theft of their wealth of centuries followed the Shoah! Yet, American groups like Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace & even J-Street have yet to mention one word about any of this, though many Jews are in those groups. You can’t make this shit up folks!

BDS is right wing and fascist, make no mistake — the fact that it pretends to be of the Left helps to obscure the fact of the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians in all Arab states, happening since 1948*, when the entire Arab world began its still ongoing boycott of Israel. Those who foster and monetarily support BDS against Israel, are paid directly or indirectly by interests of those same now Judenrein Arab States, where real tribal racial religious and gender apartheid exists, unlike in fully integrated Israel. 

*In fact the intention to 'ethnically cleanse' the Jews predates 1948

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