Sunday, January 24, 2016

'Slaughter the Jews', but the world won't listen

Rachel Wahba and her family  have heard the Islamist cry Itbach el Yahud before, when they watched the Jewish communities of Iraq and Egypt disintegrate. But the world is in denial. Read her blog on The Times of Israel (with thanks: Michelle)
 Rachel Wahba

Islamic fundamentalists are preaching “Itbach el Yahud,” slaughter the Jews, cries my parents lived with in their native Egypt and Iraq.Today Jews in France are fair game for radical Islamists.Vows to destroy Israel crowd the Internet.

The world is not paying enough attention. 

Today I live in a country where our leaders cannot link “political Islam” with “terrorism” or “Islamic” with “terrorist.” Abbas and Fatah are seen as “moderate,” unbelievable deals are made with Iran and its vile ayatollahs we keep trying to turn into our new best friends.

Murderous gangs like Hezbollah and Hamas are portrayed as freedom fighters, and yitbach el Yahud goes unnoticed?

The destruction of 2,500 years of ancient Jewish life in the Middle East and North Africa is not enough for these nations who are Jew-free today.
I understand how for those who have not directly experienced the hit it is “hard to believe.”

My parents lived it. They watched their ancient Jewish communities in Iraq and Egypt disintegrate.

My grandmother, who grew up free in Singapore did not believe it, could not believe it, when she moved to Baghdad as a young bride. She was “modern,” she scoffed at how the Baghdadi Jews cowered in fear, “they were like mice!”
She found out the hard way. It wasn’t just the thugs on the street who cursed and threatened Jews.

“I didn’t know (how much they hated us),” she said remembering sitting quietly like a mouse herself, the only Jew, at her well placed friends’ dinner party. The guest of honor was no other than the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini himself.

She sat there stunned, afraid, sick to her stomach as he ranted about the Jews. He promised Hitler would deliver not only in Europe but the entire Middle East and North Africa.

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