Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Algerian police chant, 'skin the Jews!'

When is anti-Zionism antisemitism? When the Algerian Gendarmes chant, "kill the Jews, skin the Jews!". Antisemitism is no stranger to Algeria. There are no Jews remaining of a community of 130,000, and it has long been a prerequisite for obtaining a passport that your father be a Muslim. The Times of Israel reports, via MEMRI: (With thanks: Lily)


The troops march in formation to an Arabic jody call, responding to turn to lines shouted by an officer.
“Oh, Arabs… sons of Arabs… march on… and turn your guns towards the Jews… in order to kill them… slaughter them… and skin them,” they alternate saying.
The clip was posted online on November 1, Algerian Revolution Day, and was recently translated to English by the Middle East Media Research Institute. It didn’t specify when the clip was filmed.
“Long live our free Algeria,” they sing. “Its land will belong to the Muslims forever.”

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Sylvia said...

Bataween Is that the video you intended? I was expecting the Memri video.

Sylvia said...

Ok I see it now.