Thursday, November 19, 2015

Muslim calls to reconnect with Jews from Iraq

With thanks: Janet
 Adnan al-Jaf'ari calls for recognition of the Jews

As 30 November draws near - the date in the calendar designated as a Day to commemorate the exodus of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa - a young Iraqi Muslim has issued a call for recognition.

Adnan al-Jaf'ari demands that the Iraqi government recognise the plight of the Iraqi Jews. We wants them to honour their loyalty and their tremendous contribution to Iraq. He even wants them to reconnect with all Iraqi Jews including those who live with their descendants in Israel.

Al-Jafa'ri recorded his message on 'the Confrontation Channel.' It is not known how many Iraqis support al-Jafa'ari's views, but the existence of the Confrontation Channel is proof that the younger generation is not afraid to discuss what would have been considered provocative or even dangerous topics before the advent of 'democracy'.

 Lately a wave of nostalgia for Iraq's Jewish community has swept the country. Demonstrators awarded Iraq's Jewish Finance Minister, Sir Sasson Heskel top marks for competence and loyalty, while his successors scored 'zero'.

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