Wednesday, July 01, 2015

After Bardo and Sousse, is Djerba next ?

With thanks: Ahoova

Following the terrorist massacre of the beach at Sousse,  a Tunisian organisation dedicated to protecting the rights of minorities has alerted the authorities to threats being made to the Jewish community of Djerba, the Tunisian medium Highlights reports.

Yamina Thabet (pictured), head of ATSM, a minority rights group, reproduced  a screenshot on her Facebook page of a spine-chilling message, addressed to the handful of Jews living on the island of Djerba: "get ready you Jews, the airplane is about to take off." Another Facebook message, referring to the attack in March on the Bardo museum in Tunis, read: "Bardo, Sousse...Djerba."

 Messages threatening the Jews of Djerba

There are some 1,500 Jews on Djerba. In 2002 the al-Ghriba synagogue was attacked by terrorists, resulting in the death of 19 tourists.

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Sylvia said...

Tunisia is squeezed between Daash in Libya and AQMI in Algeria. Those terrorists can go train and come back without anyone noticing.

Sylvia said...

OT: Is everyone seeing what I am seeing at the top of this page?

Someone entered Leo Winz (a journalist specialist of yiddish born 16 years after the founding of the AIU) as THE founder of the AIU. First thing you see on the page. It is clearly malicious. But to what end?

bataween said...

Yes, Leo Winz appears at the top of the page.

Sylvia said...

I've sent the feedback with the names of the six founders (from memory): Jules Carvallo, Aristide Astruc, Narcisse Leven, Charles Netter, Eugene Manuel, Isidore Cahen.

Let's hope google does something about it.
I have my idea who might have done that.

Sammish said...

I truly believe that it is a matter of when these murderers will carry their intention. It is no longer if they will or will not carry it out. These bloody murderers massacred mass of people from their own twisted faith, because they were deemed apostates. They killed Shia Muslims, Christians and Yazidis with impunity.

How would they feel about killing Jews?

If I were in Djerba, I would not rely on the protection from local friendly Muslims. I would create a local armed Jewish guards. But who is going to allow local Jewish population to protect itself in Tunisia? I know that it is easier than done. But what is the alternative?

It reminds me of the famous saying of the late Menachem Begin uttered about the Eastern European pogroms and genocide against innocent Jewish populations. Begin said: "If someone tells you that he will kill you, Believe him".