Friday, May 22, 2015

What happened to a 'Jew' in Cairo

A Jew in the streets of Cairo may be subject to threats and violence: you would not have guessed there was a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel judging by this clip. Antisemitism on the Egyptian street is alive and well. But then, similar experiments conducted in Malmo and Paris demonstrate that Cairo is no worse. The Jerusalem Post reports (with thanks: Lily): 

An Egyptian journalist conducted an experiment in which he dressed up as a Jew and asked passers-by on the streets of Cairo for directions to a nearby synagogue - with nearly serious consequences for his physical safety.

The Cairo-based Internet news site DOTMSR sent the journalist to the streets of Cairo dressed in overtly Hassidic garb - sidecurls, skullcap, beard, and a hat. The “Jewish” journalist was then subjected to threats of violence, epithets, slurs, and shoving from hostile locals.

 In one scene of the video, the journalist shows an Egyptian a note with Hebrew writing on it. When asked if he is an Israeli journalist, he responds in the affirmative, prompting the Egyptian to hurriedly walk away without responding to his request for directions. Another clip shows a group of young people surround the journalist and demand that he “get out of here.”

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