Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jewish refugees to hold 'Jewish Nakba' event

A group of Jewish refugees from Arab countries is holding an evening meeting in Israel on 14 May - timed to coincide with the Palestinian Nakba. The event will draw attention to the Nakba Hagedola ('Great Jewish Nakba') and will try and find ways to introduce the rights of Jewish refugees on to the political agenda in Israel. Here  is an article by Dr Eddie Cohen promoting the event to Arabic readers.

Palestinian Arabs mark 15 May, the so-called "Palestinian Nakba". It is the anniversary of the independence of the modern state of Israel from the British and the Ottomans and the Arabs since 1948. But the Palestinians, and with them most of the Arabs rather forget the subject of Jewish refugees who were displaced and driven out of most of the countries established by Arab regimes in the Middle East during the twentieth century.  

JJAC (Justice For Jews From Arab Countries) has discovered a document which reveals an Arab League plan in the late Forties of the last century to expel and despoil the Jews in the Arab countries  and the confiscation of Jewish money in Arab states - particularly in Egypt, Iraq and other countries.

Dr. Eddie Cohen
Dr. Eddie Cohen

Accordingly,  the Israeli Knesset  has voted to  claim the rights of refugees and compensation for their suffering now and throughout history, the tragedies and sorrows which struck the Jewish people, and massacres at the hands of the Arab governments.
Consequently, Dr. Eddie Cohen - a refugee from Lebanon, together with other refugees from Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq is holding a conference on 14 May in the city of Tel Aviv under the title "the Great Nakba - repression and deportation and massacres against Jews in Arab countries." 

 This conference will discuss how to deal with the rights of refugees and the restoration of their property. Dr. Cohen has established a Facebook page in Arabic language specifically to discuss the issue of Jewish refugees.

Read article in full (Arabic)

To attend the 'Nakba Hagedola' ('Great Nakba') event in Tel Aviv please contact specifying your  full name and number of attendees. Please note that the event will be conducted in Hebrew.

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Anonymous said...

May 10 2015

Let us think strategically,like non-victims for a change. And look at what can be done to take advantage of the near total absence of Jews in the Muslim orient: Especially poor old Misr.{Egypt}.Since there are no Jews left in Egypt, there are no potential victims to be held to ransom within Egypt:In the event that Israel supplants Egypt's rapidly disintegrating authority in Sinai.
After all, who can forget that three times Israel was forced to evacuate Sinai after defeating three wars of extermination between 1948 and 1979.[standard Muslim stuff]:After being the attacked party.In short,Sinai was stolen from Israel three times. The last of them being the odious 1979 withdrawal orchestrated by President Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Many of the exchanges that took place there have never been made public. In many ways, the Sinai "diktats" were even more outrageous than the asinine Oslo 'agreement"{?}Which,if implemented, would have left Israel naked to her enemies.None of whom is even capable of even the lowest level of civilized governance. Israel owes none of them anything.
Least of all to the present incumbent in the Oval office and his dhimmi,John so-called "Kerry".
Egypt is a basket case with no future.They were much happier under Isis, Horus, Osiris, Annubis and Amman-Ra. Egypt owes her self propelled flush into the sewers of history to her devolution into the domain of Islam. She's hardly the only one. Either Israel takes Sinai first on HER terms; Or her enemies will smell blood because of her failure to do so.

Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada