Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tunisian students admire Hitler and Islamists

French media have revealed that  students at at least two high schools in Tunisia, the land where the Arab Spring began, have marked their sports days with huge banners in support of Hitler and Islamic State (Da'esh). Are the students acting out of ignorance or conviction? (With thanks: Eliyahu)

In Tunisia, "Islamofascism" is not merely a media formula. It can take on a quite concrete appearance. . . .;At the high school in  Jendouba in the northeast of the country, a banner showing Hitler saluting the German flag was displayed. (France TV - Geopolis)
In another high school in the area of Jendouba, it was the black flag of the Islamic State that was put on display. . . . . (France TV - Geopolis)
In the girls high school of Kairowan (LJFK), the religious center of Tunisia, a banner showing a representation of the persecutions of the Islamic State was hung on a wall. One can see on it a masked warrior armed with a scimitar accompanied by two prisoners dressed in the typical orange pajama. One of them in flames might represent the Jordanian pilot burned alive by Da`ash [ISIL] last February. (Le Figaro, 15 April 2015)
Blogger Eliyahu M'Tsiyon comments:
"The article in Le Figaro looks for an excuse why many in the Arab world are so fascinated with Hitler. And the reporter finds a false reason: "The fascination for the 3rd Reich is not rare in the Arab countries, which did not undergo the trauma of Nazism and are gladly hostile to Israel."

"This reason is false because in fact Nazi German troops, the Wehrmacht, did occupy Tunisia in late 1942 and early 1943. The Jews there were subjected to the preliminary stages of the Holocaust while mass murder camps were being built in North Africa. In fact, Walter Rauff, the Nazi expert in murdering Jews spent several months in Tunisia. Read excerpts from his reports to his superiors and diaries here."

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

The more I think about it, the more outrageous is the ignorance about Arab-Nazi collaboration that is exhibited in the LeFigaro article. Not only did the Wehrmacht occupy Tunisia and parts of Libya, but the German army enjoyed sympathy from many Arabs. Further, most of the Arab nationalist movement of the time was pro-Nazi. And the top leader of the Palestinian Arabs, Haj Amin el-Husseini, spent most of the war years in the Nazi-fascist domain collaborating with the Nazis and encouraging the Holocaust. The latter activity included encouraging the Nazis to prevent Jews from escaping the Nazi murder machine and encouraging Hitler to extend the Final Solution to the Jews in the Arab lands, which is well-documented.


Maphisto86 said...

Well that flag depicted in the picture is certainly not the German flag.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

yes and no about the flag. The colors are right but if the flag is hung upright --as the one in the photo is not-- then the stripes are horizontal. If the flag in the pix were hung upright then the stripes would be vertical.
Of course hitler didn't salute the presentday German flag which is the approximate one in the picture but the Nazi German flag with the swastika at the center.

Hence, this flag was most likely homemade by students who are low on info but I am sure that they know enough about hitler to know that he murdered a lot of Jews. Whether they know about the German persecution of Jews in Tunisia, I don't know. However, it would probably not bother them at all.