Monday, August 04, 2014

'Saudi Arabia will compensate Jews'

Rabbi Bruno Visotzky of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, an interfaith dialogue activist, meeting King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Update (with thanks: Ahuva): According to Barry Grossman,  the domain is registered to the al Bayan Magazine owned by the Dubai Media Inc, the control of which is associated with the Dubai royal family:

Barry comments: " At least somebody is trying to make it look like it is connected with al Baya and the Qatar royal family. I hate to say it but this could be coming out of Syria. In any case, this is an item of interest to be taken with a good dose of salt. I think it is important to expose propaganda games like this which stoop so low as to commit outrages like using the term "Propject" but I am going to suggest that this article be treated as a fabrication. For example, clearly the KSA has no authority to pass legislation which binds other Arab states."

What are we to make of this bizarro article from AWD News? It says that Saudi Arabia will pay Jews who lived in Arabia compensation for properties lost in the 7th century. Yes, folks, the 7th century. Perhaps it is the Saudi way of  cementing the new ' axis of anti-Hamas sympathy' - putting Israel, Egypt and the Kingdom on the same side in the Gaza war. Lest you interpret this attempt at  'rapprochement' as a sign that Jews will be welcomed back into Saudi Arabia, sorry to disappoint: the monarch reiterates that it has 'no place for non-Sunni Muslims'. (With thanks: Eylon)

The Saudi government is preparing a draft bill which, if ratified by king Abdullah, will permit the Jewish state sending claims for compensation for historic Jewish property in a number of Arab countries including Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is believed that the bill will be held back to be used during any secret negotiations discussing the ways to promote bilateral relation between Tel Aviv and its close ally Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA).

Despite this historic rapprochement between Arabs and Jewish people, the Saudi monarch reiterated that there is no place for non-Sunni Muslims in a land which according to him, Propject (sic) Muhammad call it as pure Islamic territory.

The bill is divided into two: the first will demand that Saudi Arabia Mauritania, Morocco, Yemen and Bahrain pay compensation for the properties of approximately 2,000,000 Jews who lived around 640 A.D., with an estimated value of $900 billion.

At a second stage, Saudi Arabia will be landed with a compensation bill of more than $650 billion for Jewish properties in the kingdom since the time of Prophet Mohammed.

Saudi Arabia once hosted a thriving Jewish community. (...) They were powerful and wealthy. They were respected by the local Arabian tribes for their religion, culture, erudition, and literacy. They built castles on mountaintops and developed productive plantations. They had military prowess, horses, and advanced weaponry. And they were almost totally annihilated in the short span of a few years.

Apparently, Israeli experts in international law, history and geography in the universities of Bar-Ilan, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa are working on this part of the claim. The budget for their work has been taken from the Foreign Ministry and is claimed to be in the region of $100m for 2012.*

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* there is no truth to this, unless the writer is referring to Israel's  21st century efforts to gather claims from Jews forced out of Arab lands.


Anonymous said...

Where is the original article by AWD News?

What is the point of this Article?

bataween said...

Click on link for full article. What is the point of it? You might well ask.

Sylvia said...

Be careful not to pick up Arab-on-Arab disinformation. This is clearly meant as propaganda against the countries named by the pro-Hamas.They publish it and wait until some site like Elder of Zyion or this one picks it up, then delete it from theirs so they can say it originated in a "Zionist" site.

A recent example of this pattern was the photo-shopped picture of that Tunisian minister seen being kissed in the midst of a gathering of Jewish pilgrims in Djerba, when in fact it never happened and she has never met the group. She is now answering those very charges and not only she might lose her job, but Tunisian Jews should forget about pilgrimage to Djerba anytime in the near future as a result.

Another example was that Moroccan radio host picked up by Elder of Zyion who was "pictured" on the background of the Kotel, holding a Hebrew prayer book and wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt with a big star of David painted on it. That in itself should have raised a red flag, but it was left there anyway. That hoax originated in Febrayer, a website which apparently has to do with the february 20 movement, in other words, nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with Motoccan internal politics.

There are many more examples but that suffices to understand that lack of caution in that regard ultimately leads to Jews paying the price.

This article is suspicious precisely because it doesn't make any sense and should be deleted.

bataween said...

I take your point Sylvia. I don't think this article falls in quite the same category as the other examples you mention. The article itself is a fascinating example of the mindset of these propagandists and might even suggest a smidgeon of historic guilt on the part of the Saudis towards the Jews. As this article does not mention any names, and Jews have no presence in Saudi Arabia, I cannot see how any dangerous repercussions might arise out of a little publicity on PoNR.

Ben said...

It's Tisha'a Be'av, not April 1st.

Anonymous said...

what can I say except that'Jews is news!'
However if they think they will destroy the temple again, they are delusional/

Anonymous said...

Blame Assad Barry... or Putin... what ever makes you sleep at night.