Friday, July 11, 2014

Cairo synagogue iftar is a triumph for Islam

Compare these two events: Jews and Muslims break the Ramadan fast in a synagogue with an iftar meal. The first in London, England. The second in Cairo, Egypt (reported in Egyptian Streets). The difference is that such demonstrations of interfaith harmony in Egypt are a shocking admission of defeat: Islam has won. The misguided message  -'two legs (Zionists) bad'; ''four legs (Jews) good' - rings hollow when all but 18 Jews out of 80, 000 have been chased out of Egypt for being Jews.  Jews are no longer celebrating their own festive meals in Egypt, such as the Passover Seder. (With thanks: Lily)

The iftar, the breaking of the fast at sunset during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan, had been called for by the Egyptian Alliance for Minorities.

“This is an event of importance, especially that we here, in Egypt, are not foreign to the idea of uniting Christians, Muslims and Jews,” said journalist Karina Kamel to Aswat Masriya.

During the iftar, Magda Haroun, President of the Jewish Community, described the importance of changing Egyptian mentality towards Judaism.
“One guy was asked: ‘Do you like Laila Murad?’ He said: ‘Yes, I do very much.’ He was asked again: ‘Do you know that she is Jewish?’ He then replied saying: ‘If so, then I don’t like her.’ This is the ideology that I am trying to change,” said Magda Haroun to Aswat Masriya, “We [the Jews] have lived in Egypt and we have built in Egypt.”

Credit: Ahmed Hamed/Aswat Masriya

(Photo: Ahmed Hamed/Aswat Masriya)

‘Al-Azharoun for a Civil State Movement’ member Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah Nasr, who also led a prayer for Muslims at the Synagogue, expressed similar sentiments.

“Firstly, this great initiative comes from a community and a time that is very sensitive. A time to show us that there is a difference between Zionists and Jews (my emphasis - ed),” stated Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah Nasr.

“Not every Jewish person is a Zionist, just like not every Muslims is an extremist or is involved with Islamic political parties. Secondly, It came [the initiative] at a time where the Middle East is dividing on a racist, doctrinal and religious basis.”
Credit: Ahmed Hamed/Aswat Masriya

(Photo: Ahmed Hamed/Aswat Masriya)

Despite the iftar being the first of its kind, the Egyptian Alliance for Minorities asserted that this is simply the start of many similar events planned in churches, mosques and other community centres.

“We are all Egyptians. What concerns us is our nation’s benefit,” declared Jewish Community leader Magda Haroun.

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Anonymous said...

So if Zionism is to blame for the rifts in the region, how would these fine Muslims account for the destruction of the Copts in Egypt?

Magda Haroun is a piece of work, isn't she.

Selina said...

Such fools. I can't see so many Muslims joining in with Jewish festivals as a show of good will in return. Typical that they blame Zionism for all of their troubles, they think the situation is solved if they try and eradicate it. That Laila Murad incident just proves how much further they themselves have to go before they blame things on other people. It's in their hands, just the same as it's in the hands of the Palestinians to stop hating