Thursday, July 24, 2014

Assaulted Moroccan rabbi: 'we are all equal"

Rabbi Moshe Ohayon (pictured) declared his trust in Moroccan tolerance to a group of well-wishers earlier this week, despite being beaten up by a young man 'for what Israel is doing in Palestine', according to World Moroccan News. Funny how the culprit in these cases always seems to be acting alone, and invariably has a history of mental illness.

Rabbi Ohayon insisted that all Moroccans are equal. They were “weaned on the same milk, He noted.” Being a staunch supporter of the Moroccan King, he expressed his dislike of anti-monarchy movements.
He explained that, in spite of the attack, he would never give up on his Moroccan identity: “Jews and Muslims are brothers forever. Since our parents, our grandparents told us that when a Jewish mother would, for example, go to the market, a Muslim mother would breastfeed her children, and vice versa. Nothing has ever distinguished us from each other. And we pray to God that everything goes for the best in this Morocco we share.”
Moshe Ohayon, the president of the Jewish Committee in Casablanca, was attacked in Casablanca at 6, near the Windsor Hotel on his way to synagogue. A young Moroccan man kicked the elderly Rabbi over and over again, shouting, “this is for what Israel is doing in Palestine.”
“He did not stop hitting me until the blood flowed. What shocked me the most is that nobody in the street tried to help me,” said Rabbi Ohayon. After returning home, Mr. Ohayon called the police and the attacker was arrested.

The attacker, who had a history of violence against Jews, was apprehended the next day. The police declared that the suspect suffers from a mental disorder.

However, even in the face of anger and pain, Rabbi Ohayon remained positive about Morocco. He explained: “we are Moroccans, and no one has ever disrespected us. Wherever I go, everyone knows me. This incident was fate, Kudrat Allah … the key is that Morocco remains the Morocco as we know it, a country open to people of all faiths.”


NormanF said...

Rabbi Moshe Ohayon reminds me of the Jews in Nazi Germany who clung to the delusions the Germans loved them to the very end.

What a fool! He got thrashed to an inch of his life and he is not willing to draw the necessary conclusion: that he has no place in Morocco, where the Arabs hate him simply for being a Jew.

And fools get killed.

Anthony Jacobs said...

NormanF, your words ring true. Only a deluded fool could disagree.

Selina said...

I have to agree. Those days that he is speaking of are long gone, with only individuals acting so benevolent instead of widespread neighbourliness. I hate to see Jews leave their native communities and for them to be history but this is reality, he needs to face up to it. He's far too idealistic

Anonymous said...

Well, what else would he say while he is still on Moroccan soil, except to act in a conciliatory manner.

What remains to be seen is how much longer any Moroccan Jews remain in Morocco and where they move to if they decide to leave. If they want to go to a francophone nation, France isn't much of an option and I can't say that I'd recommend Quebec either.