Monday, June 09, 2014

The myth of ethnic inequality in Israel

 An Israeli Black Panther poster: "War against poverty, not the poor"

Writing in Front Page magazine, Steve Plaut explodes the myth of the much-vaunted 'economic divide' between ethnic groups in Israel.

What about disparities across ethnic sub-groups of Israeli Jews? The first notable pattern is this: The main group that over-performs compared with others is native-born Israeli Jews or sabras. Being born in the country confers a distinct earnings advantage in Israel as it does in most other countries. There is a modest advantage in income, about 8 percent for men and 2 percent for women, for those who are native-born Israeli Jews, compared with those who are foreign-born. And this is true for both Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews.

When controlling for other non-ethnic factors, Ashkenazim have a small advantage over Mizrahim among men, about 2 percent for total individual income and 4 percent for salary alone, much smaller than the gap in the raw earnings numbers, and much smaller than the premium enjoyed by native-born Jews. For women, Ashkenazim slightly underperform Mizrahim. More generally, because of the advantage of being a sabra, a native-born Mizrahi Jew would generally outperform a non-native Ashkenazi Jew, other things being equal. When men and women are separated in the analysis of earnings, the “natives” retain an earnings advantage among both genders. Mizrahi Jewish women are outperforming the Ashkenazi Jewish women.

Recent immigrants in Israel are at an earnings disadvantage compared to the other population groups. Controlling for age, education, and the other non-ethnic factors, recent immigrants earn about 5.5 percent less in total individual earnings while for salary alone (not shown in the table), they earn 10-14 percent less than other Israelis. The earnings disadvantage is larger for men than for women.

Interestingly, immigrants from Africa (mainly Ethiopians) do not suffer from any special earnings disadvantage as compared with the earnings levels of all recent immigrants. All immigrants are at a modest disadvantage in the labor market, but Ethiopians no more so than non-Ethiopian immigrants. When men and women are analyzed separately, Ethiopians slightly outperform the other immigrants.

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Sylvia said...

This is the same Steven Plaut who justified who justified the Slonim of Emmanuel throwing out of school a group of Haridi girls for the crime of being Sepnardic.

This goes to show that immaturity is not found in the radical left only. It is found in the radical right ad well.

To radicals, it's all or nothing. They have that odd view that mentioning social ills is simply incompatible with being a Zionist or vice-versa.

He sometimes writes things that I agree with. This is not one of them. He should get off his "there is no gap" obsession because this attitude is an obstacle to progress.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

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discussion of Jewish intellectuals in modern Iraq

bataween said...

Most interesting, thanks