Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sephardi rabbi makes a stand

 Rabbi Elie Abadie's Safra synagogue in downtown Manhattan

Finally, someone has called a halt to the trend to include thinly-camouflaged anti-Israel groups such as J-Street in the 'big tent' that is the the US Jewish community. According to this article in the Algemeiner, it seems to be falling to Sephardim and Mizrahim, victims at the coal face of the Arab-Israeli conflict, to make a stand for Jewish and Israeli rights. Kudos to Rabbi Dr Elie Abadie, who tells his story of flight from Lebanon here  ,  . (With thanks: Michelle)

A leading Manhattan rabbi, representing some of the largest Sephardic communities in New York City, on Wednesday threatened to pull his support from the annual Celebrate Israel Parade, on June 1, unless the parade organizers bar “anti-Israel” groups from participating this year.

In a letter seen by The Algemeiner, Rabbi Elie Abadie, M.D., spiritual leader of four Manhattan Sephardic institutions, the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue, the Moise Safra Community Center, the Magen David Congregation of Manhattan and the Sephardic Academy of Manhattan, addressed his concerns to the leaders of New York’s Jewish Community Relations Council, the JCRC, which organizes the parade and has insisted in letters that its “open tent” policy is to encourage all Jewish groups to be involved.

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Sylvia said...

Great move and long overdue.
But one that only a Sephardi leader could make. Ashkenazi religious leaders are generally reluctant to take on the haters - who usually are found in high concentration in specific denominations - for fear of intra-religious wars and the haters know it and take advantage of it.

Very good initiative from Rabbi Abadie and in many more ways than one.

Yosef said...

This parade in fact does ban groups - it actively bans anyone showing a star-fist symbol or anyone associated with Rabbi Mair Kahane.

The disgusting and Jew hating groups they let march but those who they don't agree with - those too Jewish they ban.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Rabbi Abadie?

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you agree, the US gov't has made a decision that they base on the words and actions of the group:

Yosef said...

The JDL is not on any list.

It is a domestic group that has done nothing.

The parade decided on its own to ban who they don't like.

When they did not let them march what you are claiming was not even mentioned - for the simple reason that I stated.