Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jewish claims fake, says Egyptian envoy

 Mohamed Assem Ibrahim

A former Egyptian ambassador to Israel has charged that Jewish refugee claims are just a ploy to block the demands of Palestinian refugees (with thanks: Adam). Albawaba reports:

Israel is organising a propaganda campaign  to claim the property of Jews in Arab countries, with the aim of blocking the file for Palestinian Refugees in the negotiations conducted by the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry between the two sides and the Palestinian Authority.

Said the diplomat Mohamed Assem Ibrahim, a former Egyptian ambassador to Israel, that the property of Jews in Arab countries is a lie and its claims are fake - pointing out that Israel does not own any property in the Arab countries and that this file is settled (news to us - ed), but it is promoted from time to time for specific targets and ongoing negotiations now.
Assem said that that Israel is not ready for the return of Palestinian refugees, so it had the idea of ​​putting the the property of Jews in Arab countries on the table to block the file of the Palestinian Refugees, and thus hinder any future settlement.

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Anonymous said...

I have learned after a number of years that we cannot win an argument with ARabs.
Their anti Jewish opinions are deeply imbedded in their subconscious!

Levana Zamir said...

Egyptian Ambassador Assem Ibrahim knows quite well, about the milliards of dollars of Jewish possessions left behind, for we had some friendly discussions on this subject, during his 3 years duty as Ambassador in Tel-Aviv.
He knows very well too, about the paragraph number 8 of the Israel-Egypt Peace agreement, signed on March 1979, that an Egyptian-Israeli Committe has to be established, to deal on the mutual financial claims.
But very sadly too, all the Israeli Governments refused to implement this peace agreement paragraph, although we asked for and begged for, many times in the past.
It is not too late yet...
Levana Zamir, Israel