Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anti-Jewish attack in Turkey

 Demonstration in Istanbul

 Arutz Sheva carries a report of an alarming antisemitic attack in Turkey. Jews are leaving the country in greater numbers (thanks: Jeremy):

Even amid reports that Israel and Turkey are close to "normalizing" relations again, it appears that the long-term impact of years of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement since the souring of relations in 2010 will be far more difficult to roll back.

Arutz Sheva has seen an email by a Turkish Jewish businessman, relating a harrowing anti-Semitic attack on him and his partner in the northwestern Turkish town of Babaeski, in the country's Marmara district, once again highlighting fears for the future of Turkey's 15,000-strong Jewish minority.

The two men - who requested anonymity - were visiting clients in the Thrace Region, when they stopped off in the town for a lunch break. But upon making their orders at a local restaurant, they were in for a nasty shock.

"We gave our orders at a fish restaurant, but the owner of the restaurant realized that we are Jewish," the email related.

"After he made it clear that he won’t serve food to Jews, he started to insult Jews, the Jewish religion. He finally lost his control and marched over two of us with a dangerous tool."

Arutz Sheva has learned from a friend of the victim that the "tool" in question was in fact a doner blade - a large, sword-like implement for cutting meat. He said passersby did nothing to intervene.

Faced with such sudden and extreme violence, the two men had little choice but to flee.

"We could not defend ourselves at all, we just ran away from this anti-Semitic man. We ran for our lives. Experiencing an event like that affected us so much."
He said he felt a duty to share story with others, and said he and his partner were lucky to make it out in one piece.

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Sylvia said...

Anti-Jewish sentiment is now palpable practically in every Muslim country.

I think we've seen nothing yet. Prepare for a serious backlash when and if Jerusalem comes up in the negotiations.

Sylvia said...

Scoop(;): The real story behind the Spanish citizenship proposal: Rav Amar responds to the attacks.

It appears from a radio Reshet Bet interview that the whole affair started at first as an initiative by Rishon Letzion HaRav Shlomo Amar on behalf of the Jews of Columbia back in the days when they were persecuted by Hugo Chavez.

Rav Amar has met with the King of Spain more than once to that effect, then in the course of the discussions and other second level discussions citizenship was proposed for the Sephardim who suffer persecutions anywhere, not necessarily to live in Spain but to provide a getaway.

In other words, he wasn't thinking of Israeli Sephardim originally.

When he was last in Spain discussing the subject, our myopic media accused him of all kind of sinister motivations for being away from Israel at the time of the elections for Chief Rabbi now we know what he was doing there.

I am waiting for them to report this fairly but I won't be holding my breath.

As to requirements, he doesn't know anything about the list of names but mentioned other requirements and he said, as I suggested in another thread, that there are Rabbis who know did in the other thread, that there are Rabbis who would know who exactly is Sephardi and who isn't.

He also said that nothing is definite yet, and that it is in the proposal stage, it could be accepted, expanded, or cancelled.

he also mentioned that in one discussion with the King of Spain, the King cried remembering what they did to the Jews to the point where his tie was wet.

In light of the above, it is appropriate to discuss the Spanish option in the context of anti-semitic attacks in Turkey and what I believe is yet to come.

Sylvia said...

I'll add to give credit where credit is due that it started while Rav Amar was in Colombia in support of the community when he met there with the Spanish ambassador who was not Jewish but very knowledgeable and very sympathetic to the Sephardim. And it went from there.

Anonymous said...

"since the souring of relations in 2010"

Erdogan had been fueling the fires against Israel and Jews ever since he took power, and of course was very much involved in the whole "humanitarian" flotilla farce. He was just a little more covert about his Muslim Brotherhood leanings than his former "political" mentors.

Latest news in Jpost is that Erdogan is saying no deal with Israel unless the "seige" is lifted from his friends in Gaza.

I guess we'll wait and see when and what Nitsana Darshan-Leitner (daughter of refugees from Iran) and Shurat HaDin does to extract some justice from Erdogan for his terror links.