Sunday, November 10, 2013

Did this man help scupper Iran deal?

At the gala dinner of the Fondation France-Israel, with its president Nicole Guedj, foreign minister Laurent Fabius (left) and Meyer Habib 

 Could a French member of parliament of Tunisian-Jewish extraction have been responsible for persuading France to veto the deal with Iran on nuclear weapons? Meyer Habib, a friend of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made a fateful phone call to French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, the Times of Israel reports: 

A French member of parliament telephoned French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Geneva at the weekend to warn him that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would attack Iran’s nuclear facilities if the P5+1 nations did not stiffen their terms on a deal with Iran, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported Sunday.

“I know [Netanyahu],” the French MP, Meyer Habib, reportedly told Fabius, and predicted that the Israeli prime minister would resort to the use of force if the deal was approved in its form at the time. “If you don’t toughen your positions, Netanyahu will attack Iran,” the report quoted Habib as saying. “I know this. I know him. You have to toughen your positions in order to prevent war.”

(...) Habib, the deputy president of the Jewish umbrella organization in France, was elected to the National Assembly in Paris in June, to represent the district of southern Europe, which includes French nationals residing in Israel.
“I have known Meyer Habib for many years and he is a good friend to me and to Israel,” Netanyahu said in French in a video of endorsement posted on YouTube in May. Standing next to Habib, Netanyahu continued in Hebrew: “He fights a lot for Israel, for public opinion, and cares intensely about the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, and he has helped me over the years deepen Israeli-French relations.”


Sylvia said...

It is more likely that the kings of Saud Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Koweit, the rulers of the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as the interim government of Egypt, all have called the French President Hollande and all EU member states to take a stand against Obama's erratic policy.
They're the real target. We're all in the same boat.

And although Russia is walking a fine line because of Syria, despite its rhetoric, I am sure it doesn't forget that it shares a border with Iran.

Fabius doesn't make this kind of policy decision all alone.

A little modesty and less triumphalism will go a long way. We're still paying for BHL's alleged intervention in Libya.

Sylvia said...

A good, comprehensive and informative article in Jeune Afrique (French).

Juifs et musulmans, les meilleurs ennemis
[Jews and Muslims, the Best Enemies]
by Youssef Aït Akdim et Laurent de Saint Périer

A refreshing change from that epithet hurling one is assaulted with in the media these days.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sylvia. Very doubtful that the caution that Israel would launch a pre-emptive strike would of its own move the French reps at the talks. And heaven knows only the naive believe that the Iranians aren't playing games just to get some of the sanctions lifted.

Sylvia said...

As expected, the alterjuifs grabbed the story and ran with it, throwing in a little BHL for good measure and converting Fabius to Judaism in the process. To prove what? That "the Jews" control world affairs, of course.