Sunday, November 03, 2013

Archive will be returned by mid-2014, says Iraq

 Iraqi minister of culture Taher Hamoud

The Iraqi ministry of culture is acting as though nothing will disturb Washington's smooth handover of the Jewish archive to Baghdad, where an exhibition is scheduled to open. The Jewish archive file will be closed in mid-2014, says minister Taher Hamoud (with thanks: Niran): 

30-10-2013: (Voice of Iraq):

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Taher Hamoud has announced that Iraq will regain Jewish Archive from the United States by mid-2014. Hamoud said while attending a ceremony hosted by Library and Archives of Iraq on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its renovation "that a recent agreement with the U.S. means that Jewish Archive, which U.S. forces seized after entering Iraq in 2003, will be returned during the first half of next year."

" Experts from the Ministry of Culture in the restoration of the documents will travel to Washington soon for the purpose of preparing for the return of the Iraqi archival documents, noting that the agreement between the Iraqi government represented by the Ministry of Culture and the American side also provides for  an exhibition of Iraqi cultural heritage, first in Washington and then in Baghdad. This will be held after the Jewish archive is received.

Hamoud said that Jewish Archive file will close completely the middle of next year, adding that contacts are continuing to agree on a timetable for the restoration of all the Iraqi documents in the possession of Washington, estimated at hundreds of millions of documents. " (This is a wild exaggeration: other estimates say 2,700 documents - ed)

Said the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, "The U.S. State Department and  Minister John Kerry verbally renewed their earlier pledge to restore the Jewish Archive to Iraq in accordance with the time limit specified denying  statements by some Jewish organizations that talked about the reluctance of Washington to deliver the Jewish Archive to the Iraqi government."

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You see that's what I meant: their propaganda machine is strong. they are already hitting us with words.Sitting down on one of their rich armchairs and laughing at us!!!

Empress Trudy said...

If it were me and the police came to compel me to give them up, I'd destroy them. If there's really no option then no one should have them.

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