Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The day of the Dhimmi is done

The progressive-left refuses to see the Arab-Israeli conflict in the context of 14 centuries of Jewish subjugation by the Muslim majority, argues Mike Lumish in this thought-provoking blog in the Times of Israel.

For reasons which I find unfathomable, we are failing to place the Arab-Jewish conflict within the history of the Jews in the Middle East under thirteen centuries of Arab-Muslim persecution. The conflict between the vast Arab-Muslim majority and the tiny Jewish minority needs to be understood in just those terms. The Jews of the Middle East were a subjugated people since Muhammed’s armies marched out of the Saudi peninsula in the 7th century. From that day to this the Jews were considered dhimmis, second and third class citizens under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperialism.

But the Day of the Dhimmi is Done: When people read about the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews in the Middle East they are, today, generally given the distinct impression that Jewish militarists are oppressing an innocent, “indigenous” Arab minority. Ever since the 6 Day War Israel has been depicted as the “Goliath” to the Palestinian-Arab “David.” Sometimes, in fact, the Jews of the Middle East are even depicted as the “New Nazis” while the local Arabs are depicted as the “New Jews.” For those of us with relatives dead from the Holocaust, such depictions are sadistic and the extent to which they come from the progressive-left, or even progressive-left Jews like David Harris-Gershon, is the extent to which the progressive-left has betrayed its own alleged values.

Sadism toward Jews, of course, is nothing new and it was the theocratic hallmark of Arab rule for thirteen centuries. There is, however, an extreme reluctance within the international Jewish community to discuss this fact, but fact it is.

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Anonymous said...

I'll tell you something i learned today:
A young woman who had formerly married a Moroccan and had a son with him,son went to that country and as she was not very happy with the idea of her (and his)son living in that country was told: you'll see we Muslims shall soon rule the world!
How scary is that! Another time during an interview on French TV a yound Muslim said: we trust our women's wombs!(sounds like LEBENSBORN°)
Well there we are warned!